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The Swarm™ Stick

The Swarm Stick is the most versatile product on the market today. It increases the realism of your dove, duck, and goose hunting decoy spreads by creating the swarm effect. If you have watched ducks and geese land in an area they know is safe, then you have seen how they pile on top of each other with reckless abandon. The Swarm Stick creates that image of total safety, while giving you a decoy stand that is easy to setup and compact for transport.

The Swarm™ Stick can be used with the following decoys:

Lucky Duck:

Lucky Duck
Hot Shot Mallard
Rapid Flyer Mallard
Rapid Flyer Teal
Clip-On Dove Decoys

Mojo Outdoors:

Mojo® Mallard
Super Mojo®
Mojo® Screamin’ Woody
Mojo® Teal
Mojo® Gadwall
Mojo® Wind Duck
Baby Mojo®
Mojo® Dove

Sillosock Windsock Decoys:

Sillosock Flapper Flyers (with our inserts, sold separately.)
The Swarm™ Stick can also house a Sillosock Rotary machine out of the top decoy holder by simply sliding the Rotary Stake into the top holder.

The Swarm™ Stick
***Decoys not included

Within the Continental United States

The Swarm™ Stick has the following features:

  • Pole Assembled is 7ft High

  • 13 Adjustable Height Settings

  • Each pole section can be used by itself and hold two spinning wing decoys at a height of 3ft 6in.

  • Powder coated finish for long lasting protection.

  • Both arm’s fold down for compact transport

  • Arms are fully adjustable for height

  • Foot peg is fully adjustable (great for different ground densities)

  • Snapper Pins for Arm Brackets and Foot peg make for quick and easy adjustments

  • Only 5.5 lbs

  • You can bolt your Edge by Expedite brand spinning wing decoys onto the Swarm™ Stick, which makes it extremely easy to carry and use in the field.

  • Compact, Lightweight, and Effective

The Swarm Dog Ladder

Click Here to View our Dog Ladder Video

Click Here for More Dog Ladder Photos

***SOLD OUT***


We increased the length of the first step and extended the ladder to allow bigger dogs easier boarding. This also allows dogs swimming to the ladder a bigger platform to board.

The Swarm Dog Ladder has the following features:

  • Made in USA

  • Folds up for convenient storage

  • Heavy Duty Hinge Design

  • Simply hooks onto your boat gunwales 

  • Single piece boat brace (more surface area than competitors)

  • Adjustable to allow the ladder to be placed on multiple locations on your boat

  • 1" Steel Square tubing

  • Works with most boats

  • Pressure treated wood with industrial strength anti slip tape for added traction

  • Camo paint


  • Width of boat gunwales needs to be under 2.75"

  • 35"L x 17"W x 11" H

  • Folded Dimmensions 23" L, 17" W, and 17" H

  • Weighs 18.0 lbs

Swarm™ Stick Inserts

Create the Swarm effect with your Sillosock Flapper Flyers, using our Swarm Inserts. Simply slide them into the Swarm Stick decoy holders and secure with the included bolts and nuts.

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